State Of The Game

Current State of the Game:


Our game is currently in beta - meaning things are subject to change as we finish setting things up. Note that we plan to do a full character reset at the end of beta. Further details are listed below.

This page offers a quick overview of how things stand. A "State of the Mush" if you will. It's prone to change, so you can check back here to see if there have been changes or developments. If you find things that don't work on the grid or have suggestions for improvements, don't hesitate to contact us.


We've already seen on serious troublemaker on the game, and have assessed and updated our security measures as a result. As part of this, we no longer allow access from VPNs or proxies. If you are a legitimate player, hoping or trying to connect and unable to do so, please reach out to us and we'll work with you to handle things. Note that, as per our Policies, harassment and bullying are not tolerated.


Fully operational and open to all. Go ahead and create your character!


For the time being we have only established a grid for Eavesdown on Persephone as a starting place. We will eventually expand both the grid on Persephone and add grids for other planets.

It is also possible for players to create their own temporary rooms from many locations on the grid, to suit RP needs.


For now Space exists as a single grid space. All worlds will be linked to Space, so that people can walk between them for RP purposes. This brings us to…


Yes, this is a space game, and we all want to fly around on space ships! In setting up the game, we decided not to set up a complex flight system. We want something simple, which will mesh well with our storytelling focus. It's coming soon.


Since there isn't coded space flight at this time, any ships that are built will just be a set of grid rooms like any other. They can provide the focus and setting for a group of people to play a crew, and to carry out their RP. See the Ships page for more details about our setup.

Ships are linked to either a part of the Eavesdown Docks, or directly to Space. If you want to RP that your ship is elsewhere, please go ahead and do so - the exit won't move until we've coded up space flight, but we're all here to use our imaginations anyway, right?


After discussing this with the playerbase, we have decided to not use any fancy, turn-based combat system on the game. It's antithetical to storytelling roleplay. Dice rolls will always remain possible, including contested dice rolls. We can handle combat situations using that and through the storytelling itself.


Yes, you read that right, we're planning to do a character reset at the end of the beta phase. We want to be transparent about our plans and reasons, so here are the details:

  • Who?

All PCs. That includes staff PCs. No special treatment.

Note that our NPCs (Featured Characters) will likely not go through reset, because they serve a different purpose.

  • Why?

One word: fairness. We started out the beta phase by invite, and we're making several adjustments to the skill and dice system along the way. Once the dust settles, we want a fresh slate, which will feel like everyone is able to start from the same level - without the oldest charbits having an advantage. We aren't playing against each other here, we're playing together.

  • How?

Down to the nitty-gritty. The plan is to clear away all earned points (such as XP, Cookies, and Luck Points) and send you back through Chargen, to set your skills back to match starting levels. We won't automatically dock any skills or remove any of the storytelling elements (such as Background) from your character. We won't be interrupting the timeline or storyline in-game, either. If you want to play the same character, you can! You just have to reset their points and skills back to starting levels.

Note: this doesn't mean that you need to return to the same skills and levels that you picked when you first created the character. You could set them up differently the second time around. You just need to bring them down to that same starting level.

  • What about my house? My ship? My toys?

Any props and grid spaces (such as your ship, private house or business) that have been set up for you will remain as they are, as long as you're still using them and they don't create any coded advantage for you.

  • What if I want to start fresh with a different character?

If you'd rather use the beta phase as a trial period and then use the transition as an opportunity to drop a character and start a new one, you're welcome to. You're also welcome to drop a character and start fresh at any other time. We're just not forcing anyone to step away from their character as part of the end-of-beta reset.

  • When is this happening?

We're starting to think about this a bit more, and it could be in the next few months. We're currently examining the details of the game system, re-balancing some skills and adjusting how the dice work. Once all of that is squared away, we'll set a timeline for the reset and carry it out. We'll post several announcements starting a month before the reset, so that you all know when it's actually happening. For now, the answer is "soon… stay tuned."

If we missed something, please contact us and ask any questions you still have.

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