The Verse

The Verse is the complex solar system which humankind came to inhabit in the 23rd century. It is a star cluster with five major stars, officially designated 34Tauri(2020) for its position in Taurus (as seen from Earth-that-was) and its discovery in 2020. There are numerous worlds (the term referring to both planets and moons) in the Verse which have been terraformed for human and Earth-like life.

The central star is White Sun or Bai Hu. Worlds orbiting this star directly are referred to as the Core or Central worlds, and this is where the Alliance has its strongest presence. Worlds include:

Two stars then share an orbit (always opposite each other) around White Sun. This is considered the Border region.

Georgia or Huang Long anchors the largest of the sub-subsystems in Verse. Worlds include:

Red Sun or Zhu Que is the coldest of the suns in the Verse. Worlds include:

Beyond the Border are two additional stars which make up the Rim - the area farthest from Alliance oversight and control (but not fully out of their reach).

Kalidasa or Xuan Wu is the inner rim star, orbited by:

Blue Sun (not to be confused with the Blue Sun Corporation) or Qing Long is the final star in the Verse, noted as the subsystem where one might encounter Reavers. Worlds there include:

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