21st Century: "The Earth got used up." Humanity does irreparable damage to the planet's ecosystems, ruining their own chances of survival there. Population growth levels. Advances are made in space travel and colonization, with terraforming technology successfully tested on the Moon and Mars. A star cluster in Taurus is discovered which appears to have numerous habitable planets. The Global Exodus Alliance is formed to oversee the process of moving the human race to a new star system. The Arks are constructed and loaded.

22nd Century: Without faster-than-light travel, the trip from Earth to Taurus takes over a century. Five generations are born - five pass on. One generation is born, lives, and dies on board the Arks without ever tasting unprocessed air. Each Ark is a floating city with half a million residents. Food is grown on board, industry is carried out, people seek out entertainment, crime and punishment happen, life adapts itself to the new environment. There is still a strong division between classes - the Elite (or 1%) wielding the most power and holding the most important positions.

23rd Century: The first Arks arrive at their destination. These are the ones carrying primarily laborers and engineers - for world-building. Londinium and Sihnon are terraformed first. Civilization makes the transition off of the Arks to their new home. Burnham is the first brown dwarf to be "helioformed" due to its distance from the Core. Ignition is successful but it produces random bursts of radiation, which are later stabilized. Other brown dwarves in the system are then helioformed. Many more worlds - mostly in the Core - are terraformed. Arks continue to arrive in the system and unload. The Anglo-Sino Alliance is established as the central authority of the new star system.

24th Century: Terraforming continues on additional planets and moons throughout "The Verse", making ever more space and resources available. This is a peaceful and prosperous time, as the dream of relocating humanity to a new, resource-rich system has been fulfilled. Class differences, crime, and strife still exist but are diminished especially on Core worlds where society's structure and infrastructure are better-defined. Politicians hail the "Modern Utopia" a success.

25th Century: Resources begin to run out on Core worlds. The Elite put new measures in place to protect their dreams of grandeur: Border and Rim worlds are expected to be full members of the Alliance, sending raw materials in exchange for the benefits of civilization. Limits are placed on how many people can settle on each Core world, in order to preserve the utopian balance of life. Naturally, resentment and tensions stir up over this, and clashes occur over the new measures. The Alliance becomes an antagonist to those on the Rim, even as it is hailed by Core-worlders as the protector of all that is good and fair. Tension increases until it breaks out into war…

26th Century:

2506: The Unification War begins.

2511: The Unification War ends, with the defeat of the Independence Movement. The surrender officially took place on 20 September, which has been celebrated since then as "Unification Day".

2517: Events from the Firefly TV Series.

2518: Events from the Serenity movie: The Signal and the Universe Battle.

2530: Current IC Year.

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